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Accessibility :
Child Friendly, Senior Friendly

Host :
Culinary Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd

Activities :
Food Discovery

Areas :

 Hospital Street, Colombo, Western Province

 2 Hours / 0 Mins

 US$ 75.00

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  • A 7-course degustation menu

  • 3 specially designed cocktails

  • A curated storytelling experience

  • Learn about Sri Lanka’s rich culinary traditions

  • Meet like-minded people in a convivial environment

More Details

At Culinary Ceylon, we believe the best way to connect to a country and its people is through the local cuisine. Sri Lankan cuisine is increasingly trendy globally and about time too! With influences from Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern India, North Africa, Portugal, England, and the Netherlands, it’s a mixed bag of flavors and an explosion of colors unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

This experience is curated to take you on a culinary journey through Sri Lankan cuisine. No ordinary meal, this is a performance, with a host who will theatrically explain the history and influences of each dish before you go on to taste it. This is the quintessential Sri Lankan food experience!

Instructions on getting to Location

Find the 'Petti Kadey' (a small store selling basic groceries) just past the The Re.Pub.Lk bar.

About the Host

Culinary Ceylon is an exciting project that explores the heritage of Sri Lankan cuisine through its history. Knowledgeable and passionate hosts will guide guests through a curated 7-course meal and explain the rich history behind each course, how to eat it, what type of ingredients are used, and share stories and anecdotes surrounding our island’s exotic cuisine.

You Should Bring:

  • An appetite!

You Will be Provided With

  • A 7-course dinner

  • 3 specially crafted cocktails