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This is an agreement outlines the partnership between you and Serendi. You, as a partner are a host or supplier of experiences, will be known hereafter as the Supplier.

Serendi agrees to promote the Supplier’s experience/event (known hereafter as the Product) on the Serendi curated digital marketplace (known hereafter as the Marketplace), on the terms outlined below and the Supplier has accepted those terms.

The Supplier warrants that the Supplier has the legal right to represent and deliver the Product, and that the Product does not breach any laws, or other conditions that may make the delivery of the Product illegal.

The Supplier agrees to provide Serendi with the necessary information to effectively promote the Product on the Marketplace, and offer it to the Customer who visit the Marketplace.

The Supplier agrees to respond promptly to any communications (email, SMS or traditional) and requests for Product bookings from the Marketplace or from Serendi

The Supplier agrees to maintain availability details of a Product and that any instant booking made based on the availability set by the Supplier is honored.

When the Supplier has confirmed a Product booking, Serendi will proceed to collect the fee for the Product from the Customer, and keep it in an Escrow account.

Upon the satisfactory completion of delivering the Product to the Custoemr, Serendi will make the agreed payment to the Supplier. The Supplier acknowledges that the specific details of the commission and payment process will be communicated via email between the Supplier and Serendi.

The Supplier shall indemnify and hold harmless Serendi and its officers, directors, agents, employees, affiliates, and licensees against all claims, actions, losses, damages, personal injuries (including death), defects, costs, expenses (including court costs and legal fees on a full indemnity basis) or other liabilities arising out of or on account of the Product, its promotion and/or supply.